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When working with new clients, the number one question that we are asked is, "What should we wear for our portrait session?  Most importantly, we suggest choosing something in which you are comfortable.

You don't want to wear anything that would be distracting and compete with your face.  Loud colors and busy designs are not recommended.  If you have a choice and are looking for ideas on what you should get, recommendations are solid colors, earth tones, black, deep brown, pastels and ivory are also good.  Choose a hue that complements your eye color.  Try and keep it solid or small, with an uncomplicated design.  

Dress a group in complementary colors.  It makes for a much more pleasant portrait if you blend together well.  Wear classic styles to prevent the photograph from looking outdated later. Standard collars are good as well as similar colors.  Jeans photograph well, and bare feet look awesome in more casual shots.  

A bit more make-up than normal appears natural in photos - especially a good coat of mascara and lipstick.  Colorful accessories like scarves and jewelry can enhance the photo in an understated way.

Here are some secrets YOU should know - 

What to Avoid - Shirts with a plaid design, logos, or stripes on them.  Any clothing that is "trendy"might date your portraits.

VERY IMPORTANT - If you have an option to wear contacts instead of glasses, that would be highly recommended.  Glasses cause a glare.  It can be retouched but it is very time consuming and expensive ($15 a picture) to do so.  If glasses are who you are and you don't feel the same without them - check with your eye glass office and see if they have a pair of frames like or similar to yours that you can borrow for the day or see if they can remove the lenses from your glasses temporarily to help eliminate any unnecessary glare.

Slimming Secrets

Long sleeves help slim the arms and also eliminate bright arms competing with your face in the image.  Darker clothing will help give a slimming effect.  Things that can add the perception of weight are low collars, v-necks, and brighter colors.

Senior Sessions

Seniors often have different tops that  are v-neck and lower than standard shirt collar level.  That's ok.  In individual portraits, we can work with that. With most senior sessions, bring what you feel comfortable in.  We want you to have a fun session and if you have a favorite short that is wild and loud, it's ok, we will do some wild and loud portraits to emphasize your personality.  If you are on the football team, bring your shoulder pads and helmet with your jersey.  In the band?  Bring your instrument as well as your uniform.


Mom there is no outfit as beautiful as your babies body.  We often photograph babies in diaper covers, hats or bonnets, blankets, etc... We have available for your use, numerous wraps and covers for your infant.  You need not bring a thing to your photo shoot!  Having said that , we do recommend that if there is a toy or a blanket that is special to your child, please bring it and we will incorporate it into the picture.  Years to come, that will make your portrait even more special!  


Everyone wants their children to look their best on picture day.  Renee & "Company" is delighted to help and has several selections of beautiful dresses and toddler boy outfits in varying sizes, including the elegant heirloom dresses and outfits of Strasburg.  We also have some fun costume accessories such as boas and tut's, fairy wings, fireman outfit and much more!  If you have a "specific" theme in mind for your session, please discuss it with us prior to the session.

Hair & Make Up-

Need Help???  No worries.  We are available to assist you with hair and make-up needs at no additional cost to you.  Please ask about these services when you call for an appointment.